January 2015 Photo Update!

January 2015 – We went to El Paso right after Christmas and had a wonderful time with all the family! Potty training went out the window (again). But when we got back…he did it! I will post the story of his decision to leave diapers behind in a separate post.

Hoping to do better with pictures and memories this year!

2nd - A few ariflies.

2nd – A few ariflies and monster trucks.

2nd - Relaxing with Dat.

2nd – Relaxing with Dat.



17th - Little boy, big shoes!

17th – Little boy, big shoes!

18th - Love this picture.

18th – Love this picture.

20th - Helping Dat with the ladder.

20th – Helping Dat with the ladder.

22nd - Scrunchy face!

22nd – Scrunchy face!

24th - Kisses for Mama!

24th – Kisses for Mama!

Jan 24 - Happy face!

24th – Happy face!

Jan 24 - Riding the rails!

24th – Riding the rails!

Jan 24 - Little boy, big train.

Jan 24 – Little boy, big train.

Jan 24- Watching airflies take off from BUR.

24th- Watching airflies take off from BUR.

Watching news show about global economic forecasts.

30th – Watching news show about global economic forecasts.

Merry Christmas 2014!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cookies and hot chocolate for the three of us and a special guest! The Santa cup was mine when I was a little girl. Now it’s Wyatt’s! (Only to be used at Christmastime, it was so special to me!)

And now we are watching a Christmas movie by the tree. I just checked NORAD and Santa is headed for Mississippi, so we have time to have our Christmas snack and head to bed!!

Merry Christmas to you from our little family – may it be peaceful and blessed.




Cute Things He Says

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

WPD is not yet 3 and a half.  He talks up a storm and some of it is HILARIOUS. Some of it is funny on purpose – his understanding of a “joke” is developing!  Mainly, it’s unintentionally cute as hell.  I’m listing some here, before he stops saying these cute things, so I don’t ever forget them. Not EBER!

He still says airfly but now knows how to say airplane.

Momo is still motorcycle. There is also bikecycle.

Not to be confused with popickles.

He doesn’t say ice kees anymore – sadly, he says ice crem.

He no longer calls me Mama or Mommy or RD Dada or Daddy.  We are Mom and Dat.

He says PWEESE really well.  It is heart-melting. He knows this.

You in big twuble. BIG TWUBLE!! – when mad.

I no like!

That no fair!

Why you do that?

Where you are?

No do that to Wyatt!

No do that EBER. Not eber EBER!! (Complete with frown.)

Rub my tummy, Mom.

Pix it, Dat. Pix it. Pweese. (Fix it, Dad. Please.)

There’s a car right behint us! Go faster, Mom, go faster!  Pass the car, Mom!!

Red means stop, Mom. MOM. STOPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!

Mom, get weady. (Hurrying me to get ready to do something.)

(Yawning) I so tired. (He says tired with a Texas accent. Like, taherd, or tahrd?)

Ay, yai, yai, doggies!

Yo soy muy guapo.


Colores in Spanish.

Turn weft, Mom. Turn weft…..Mom, turn wight!

This is taking foreber.

Where’s Dat go? (Where did Dad go?)

Mehwee and BabETTE. (Melly and Babette.)

Rampaw and Gramma. (Grandpa and Grandma.)

Can tell the story of the big, bat, wuf and the free wittle peegies.

When asked how old he is in Spanish, he replies TRES BANOS!

Oh, cool.

Thas tewibull!!  (That’s terrible!)

I swipped.  (I slipped.)

I wuv-eww, Mom.  (MY FAVORITE!!) Yes, he says he wuvs Dat, too!

Getting the Hang of Preschool

WPD’s preschool director (and all three teachers) told me what a great day he had in school today.  He progressed quite a bit from day 1 to day 3!  

He is moving very fast, actually…seems he has a bit of a crush on a little girl named Anna Rose. Well, what I heard happened – he pointed her out to the director and said, “Anna. I ‘ov her!”  I’ve seen the girl in question, and he has great taste! She’s a cutie pie. Of course, her mother has been informed and we be keeping an eye on this! LOL. Not sure that Miss Anna Rose knows who WPD is, but c’mon, he’s MUY GUAPO!!

It got me thinking, though…he is now meeting some kids that he may know his whole life!  I still know kids I went to CDL with way back…uh…er…a long time ago!!  


6 Years! And the “I can’t even THINK about it” Update.

August 27, 2014

I started blogging on WordPress 6 years ago today!  

I started semi-blogging on Myspace. We lived in Burbank then…so that was…2006ish. Then I went to blogger for a little bit. Then I registered here!  That blog is closed and set to private (it was about “how to not ever get pregnant despite years and tons of money!).  Then the miracle of WPD happened and I moved to this titled blog in 2010.

I wish I could blog more…I love looking back at these snapshots of life. 

In other news (I mean, while I’m on here, I might as well capture one of those snapshots for today!)…the gardeners came yesterday.  And WPD and I went outside to play several hours after they were gone.  Thank GOD IN HEAVEN I looked around carefully – discovered that the gardeners had PROPPED OPEN the pool gate.  The pool gate.  Let that sink in a minute.

I called the owner of the landscaping company (we go to the same church), and he came right over!  He was visibly upset.  All the thoughts…I was in tears talking about it.

If we had not gone out to play, and Elia had taken him outside today…well, she probably would’ve noticed it, too.  However, if she hadn’t – she doesn’t know how to swim.  So the situation would’ve/could’ve/might’ve…I don’t even want to think.