More of the funny words!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

I had a hysterectomy a week ago and I kinda wanted to blog a few words about it…maybe I will.

More important is capturing the cute things that WPD will stop saying sooner than later.

“I wanna tiss you!!”  I love that boy’s tisses.

“Daddy, pix it!”  (He actually knows how to say this one right, I think he is humoring us.)

“I want a cheese panger.” Not sure the origins of this one…but a panger is a hamburger.

“I want some mayOmade, please.” – Lemonade!

“I have the pickups.” – Hiccups!

WPD also started Montessori preschool last week. I need to post that! Bah.

Happy 4th Birthday!!

WPD turned 4 years old on Sunday, May 31st, 2015. He has asked for a party at the train park since about December – and it finally happened. He was so happy, he couldn’t sleep the night before. As every new thing was revealed (cake, balloons, presents, etc.) he got more and more excited. “For me? That’s for my party?!?” He didn’t seem to believe it! He was so happy I thought he might impload.  Instead, he fell asleep.

On the way THERE!

Water bottles – it was hot out and these were a hit!

He loved his choo-choo cake!  It was perfect!  Red velvet inside, with cream cheese frosting between five layers!

And everyone loved the chocolate and vanilla cake pops!  So cute!!

Entrance to “Wyatt Station!”

His private train car for the day!



That face…

This is WPD’s cousin, Cheyenne. WPD LOVES her. She was the only girl (that came) to his party. Look at her big blues!

A little blurry, but this is Parker and Alex! They are cousins (to each other, not WPD) and have been friends of WPD’s since he was born!

This is WPD and his best friend, Adan. They are both so serious! I love these two.

And…that face again!!

The four boys ridin’ the rails!

Alex, Parker, WPD, Adan, Cheyenne!

These are quite possibly the cutest kids on the planet!

One more of the best friends!

Oh the way home, we were talking about all our favorite parts of the party…then we just quieted down as we rode along towards home.

Very softly, from the back seat came this –

“Thanks, Mom.”
“Thanks, Daddy.”

If RD hadn’t heard it, I’m not sure I would believe that I heard that. It was the sweetest thing and made all the hard work so worth it, and then some!

WPD’s guests:
Wendy, Oscar, Ezekiel, Adan
Mary, Sonny, Parker, Alex
Tiu (Elia, his nina)
Paula, Angie, Cheyenne
Miss Cheryl and “Evelima”
Father Wee-oh (Leo)

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Better Write These Down

Friday, May 29, 2015

WPD will be 4 years old on Sunday, May 31. Sigh…

Anyway, he says the funniest things, as kids do, and I just need to jot these two from today down.

He wanted to watch Little Einsteins – an episode called Instrument Dinosaurs.

When I found it and got in on the TV, he said, “You found it! Good job, Mom!” And he smiled approvingly at me.

It gave me a warm fuzzy glow of accomplishment, I’m not gonna lie!

Earlier today, he had his 4 year check up (uggg, that was a fiasco of sorts, not because of him). The doctor told him that we don’t pick our noses and that if he promised not to do that anymore he could have a fire truck sticker. WPD solemnly promised and got his stickers. Fast forward to tonight and we are walking into the grocery store and he’s diggin’ for gold again.

Me – W, the doctor said you are not supposed to do that!  Stop it!!

Him – What? The doctor can’t see me here!!

Uggg, smarty pants.